Pegasus Fleet seeks to provide a positive, creative and challenging environment for members to write about the Star Trek universe while being safe and enjoyable for all. We aim to provide a platform for all of our simulations to create a fun, inclusive environment. The current sim year is 2395, but our Division 74 has sims that reach out to all periods and genres.

Even if you have never ‘simmed’ before, we can help you out. New and even returning players are welcome to sign up at our Academy for training courses to learn the ropes, learn about command, or simply refresh your knowledge.

We are accepting new players and sims all the time. Whether you’re looking to command your own starship or get grimy as a non-commissioned engineer, we’ve got a position to suit you. Let your imagination take flight and soar boldly where no one has gone before!

Check out the links below to help find a game suitable for you. And join our Discord, where we can answer any questions you might have.